Tech4Accountants: Written Information Security Plan (WISP) Template

Download your free Written Information Security Plan Template in order to renew your PTIN.
On this year’s PTIN renewal: “You certify that as a tax preparer you are aware that you need a written data security plan.” Is one of the questions you must answer. Get ahead of the renewal so you have it ready.
Download the WISP template, fill it out, and you’ll be able to renew and not face $100k fines, loss of license, or 5 years imprisonment!

A Written Information Security Plan (WISP) is a comprehensive document that outlines an organization’s policies, procedures, and protocols for protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access, theft, or misuse. It is a critical component of any organization’s cybersecurity strategy and is especially important for tax preparers who handle sensitive financial information.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires tax preparers to have a WISP in place to protect the confidentiality and integrity of client information. As part of the annual PTIN renewal process, tax preparers must certify that they are aware of this requirement and have a WISP in place.

To help tax preparers meet this requirement, we provide a free WISP template that can be downloaded and customized to meet an organization’s specific needs. The template includes sections on risk assessment, data access controls, incident response, and other critical components of a WISP.

By downloading and filling out the WISP template, tax preparers can ensure that they have a comprehensive data security plan in place that meets IRS requirements. Failure to have a WISP in place can result in significant penalties, including fines of up to $100,000, loss of license, or even imprisonment.

Overall, downloading the free WISP template is an important step for tax preparers who want to ensure that they are compliant with IRS regulations and have a comprehensive data security plan in place to protect their clients’ sensitive information. By being proactive and getting ahead of the PTIN renewal process, tax preparers can avoid potential penalties and protect their business and clients from cyber threats.

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