Our CEO Andrew Lassise and his team understand the problems accountants face. He also knows how problems and worries with information technology can take away from the day-to-day accounting tasks. 

Accounting Today has named us a Top 100 value added reseller and  The Manifest has listed us as a Top 100 managed service provider.

Andrew received a bachelor’s in financial planning and services from the Perdue School of Business, has worked as a VITA volunteer and financial coach. Most recently, the American Institute of CPAs certified his knowledge in its Cybersecurity Risk Management Program.

Andrew LassiseToday, he combines his financial know-how with his skills and leadership in tech support to help accountants around the United States with their IT issues.

Specifically, Andrew and his team at Rush Tech Support help accountants with:

  • IRS compliance 
  • Protective measures – like antivirus, firewalls, VPN and more
  • Phishing prevention
  • Technical support
  • Server maintenance
  • Cloud and virtualization
  • Automated workflows

You can hear more from Andrew on his podcast, connect with him on LinkedIn or drop him an email here. He also has been published on Accounting Today. 

Andrew built the company on these pillars:

Personalized Service

Every client benefits from personal, A+ trained, US-based support and service. 

We try to use layman’s terms when approaching technical problems. Nothing is worse than somebody telling you what is wrong and you not being able to understand the issue. We focus on customer satisfaction as that has been the constant pillar to our continued success.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy: Build a personal & professional relationship with each customer and make their technical needs easy for them.

Who We Are

Rush Tech Support LLC was formed with hopes of providing big company solutions with a personalized touch. We understand that no two computers, or companies are the same, and should be treated accordingly.

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