Rush Tech Support FAQS

Many of the questions that we get from new customers. If you do not see your question here, please fill out a contact form and let us know what we need to add!

What Are Your Office Hours?

Monday – Friday 8AM EST – 9PM EST.
Saturday & Sunday 12PM EST – 6PM EST

Where Are You Located?

Our employees work from home on locked down company devices, but majority are located in West Palm Beach, FL where we started pre-pandemic.

How Long Does The Set Up Take?

This depends on the speed of the computer and internet. A typical set up before someone is a managed service client is about 6-8 hours per computer before it is at the level it needs to be at for managed services.

Do I Need To Be Off My Computer While You Work?

Yes. We cannot be fighting over control of the mouse. You are welcome to sit at the computer and watch what happens on the screen, but we request that you do not touch the mouse or keyboard while work is being done.

Do I Need To Be Sitting At My Computer The Whole Time You Work?

No, but there are times when we need someone to physically push some buttons. 99% of the time it isn’t necessary to be at the computer while it’s being worked on.

Can I Trust You?

Read any of the hundreds of real customer reviews online at TrustPilot, Facebook, or Google. In a world where someone will complain about a bad salad at Applebees, it would be pretty hard to be in business since 2014 and maintain the reputation that we do (4.9*) with over 600 Five-Star reviews.

How Long Until I Get My USB Key In The Mail?

Usually, it takes a week to ship from Florida to anywhere in the United States.

I Not An Accountant, Can You Help My Company?

Yes, while we specialize in the accounting industry, a lot of our practices transcend multiple industries. We have clients in all industries.

Is My Company Too Small For Your Services?

No, we service even one person companies.

Are You Bonded & Insured?


Can You Provide a W9?

Yes, click here

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Since March 26, 2014.

Can You Work Alongside My Current IT Company?


Can You Protect My Home Computer As Well?


I Thought You Were Tech 4 Accountants? Who is Rush Tech Support?

They are the same company / same people. Rush Tech Support is/was the parent company that first existed in 2014. In 2019 we started moving toward niching to the accountant world and drew the line in the sand in 2021 with “Tech 4 Accountants.” Some things are branded either/or to minimize disruption, but it all ends in the same place.

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