How Much Storage Do I Get?

Unlimited file storage.

How Do I Recover Lost Files?

Open your LiveDrive icon in the bottom right task bar. Click Web > which will open up your online portal. Choose the computer you want to recover from and navigate to the lost / damaged file and download directly on to your computer.

How Do I Know It's Working?

Click on the LiveDrive icon on your screen and it will display a dashboard across the top it should say “Up to date. Your files are now protected.” If you see a login, then be sure that you are logged in to your account.

What Do I Need To Do?

Everything is automated on our side so you don’t need to do anything. Occasionally, it will ask you to update the software which you should do. Make sure that you are logged in.

Are My Files Encrypted On The Server?

Yes, at rest and during transfer using strongest TLS encryption.

Which Operating Systems Are Supported?

Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.10+, Windows Server 2008 R2+

Is There a File Size Limit Upload?

Not through how we have automation set up. If you manually upload through web portal, there is a 2GB size limit.

Will Rush Be Able To See My Files?

No, in our portal we can only see how much storage has been used, but not what is being backed up. On LiveDrive as a company, the data is obfuscated and customer file information is masked and cannot be identified or linked to a particular account.

Where Are the Servers Located?

UK protected by 3 layers of physical security

Are These ISO 27001 Certified Data Centers?


Is The Data Storage PCI Compliant?


Does LiveDrive Use Military Grade Security?


If We Cancel Our Plan, Who Owns Our Backups?

You will always own the backups and data. When a plan is cancelled, we leave a 30 day window for clients to move all of their data off the server and get confirmation before deactivating the account. If an account is deactivated, we do have the ability to reactivate and usually can help people retrieve their data. We strongly encourage moving backups to a different location at the end of a contract.

What Is My Login?

Typically, it will be your email address. Contact a technician for assistance if you cannot locate this information.

Will My Information Be Shared With Everyone In My Company?

By default, we set up individual backup for each employee where only they have access to. We can set a central account that everyone uses for file backup if needed.

Will This Backup A NAS?

Yes, but we need to know beforehand as the process is a little different.

Can I Access My Data On Another Device?

Technically, Yes, but this should be viewed as a back up source to retrieve lost data, not as a central storage like Dropbox.

Is This Bare Metal / Image Backup?

No, this is file backup. If you have a NAS with image backups, then you could recover images, but that isn’t the intention of this.

Can I Backup Multiple Computers to One LiveDrive Account?


What Is The Difference Between File Backup and File Storage?

Software like Dropbox is a central file storage location. If someone were to delete your Dropbox folder, you would need to look for those files in a backup solution, this is backup. If your Dropbox account accidentally violated terms and was no longer able to access the internet, your files are backed up in a different location. This serves as a back up to get files that have been lost or destroyed.

If An Employee Is Fired, Who Delete's Their Access?

Notify Rush so we can suspend the fired employee’s account.

Will This Slow Down My Computer?

LiveDrive uses about 35MB of Memory. On a regular 8GB of RAM computer, that is only 0.43% and shouldn’t have a large impact. The first backup may slow down the internet speed as it is using a lot of upload bandwidth to get the files backed up to the cloud.

What Files Are Backed Up?

By default, we back up everything in desktop and documents, but can easily modify if there are other items that you would want.

How Often Are Files Backed Up?

Backups occur daily. 

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