Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) FAQ'S

What Does It Do?

Patches vulnerabilities in your operating system without you needing to remember to do so. This includes Windows updates as well as 3rd party programs like Adobe, Chrome, etc.

How Do I Use It?

Everything is run on our side, so there aren’t any steps that need to be done by the user. If you have specific requests, we can accommodate, but we have standard practices that we apply based on industry and regulation to make sure everything is running smooth.

When Does Patching Occur?

Every Wednesday morning at 2AM EST.

Why Do You Do It At That Time?

Most people are not using the computer at that time and it can slow down the machine.

What If My Computer Is Off During Patching?

The patching will occur the next time the computer is turned on.

Why Do You Require I Reboot My Computer After Patching?

This ensures that updates and patches have been properly applied.

How Much Will This Slow Down My Computer?

Altogether, it uses about 90MB of RAM, which on a 8GB RAM machine is 1.01% of the usage. So basically, none.

What Does The R Button Do?

 The Rush icon allows you to create a ticket for a technician to handle. We handle tickets first-come first-serve based on the plan that they have. Managed service clients receive front of line service.

Can You Spy On Me Without Me Knowing?

No, there is a notification that pops up whenever a technician is connected to your computer.

How Do I Know This Is Doing Anything?

All of our clients receive monthly reports of the computers that are managed and the updates / patches that were performed over the month.

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